2024 Private Barrel California Season



You have chosen the Private Barrel for your California Winemaking Experience with Grape Expectations School of Winemaking. You may select from the following payment options; Pay-in-Full or Pay-a-Deposit. If you select Pay-a-Deposit, a minimum 50% of the barrel cost needs to be collected before we order your grapes. (Anticipated grape order deadline is August 1st for Fall/Californian winemaking.) A shareable invoice with the remaining balance & due dates will be emailed to you for all future payments.

If you know the type of wine you would like to make at this time, to include your grape varietals, it may be specified in the Order Notes on the checkout page which will follow. Wine varietal selections are due August 1st for California Winemaking. Grape Varietal consultations are available if you are unsure which kind of wine you would like to make.

Disclaimer *

I agree to be solely responsible for and to indemnify, save and hold harmless Grape Expectations, Inc., and its Officers and Employees from any and all claims and liabilities relating directly or indirectly from the usage of equipment, storage of barrels, processing of grapes into wine, and any and all acts and conduct related to thereto.

I agree to be responsible for all third parties, such as guests, children (of which I will supervise) and invitees, caused to be brought upon the premises by me and to indemnify, save and hold harmless Grape Expectations, Inc., and its Officers and Employees from any and all claims which may arise therefrom.

I acknowledge that the art of winemaking involves a certain amount of risk as to the outcome and I accept full responsibility for the outcome of my wine. Grape Expectations will make every effort to protect your wine while it is in our care. We cannot, however, be responsible for any damage caused by fire, flood, acts of God, etc.

I understand that my wine is only for my own personal consumption and cannot be resold. I have read and understand all of the above and acknowledge the same by my signature below. This order will not be processed without a signature below.

Refund Policy

Orders cancelled before August 31st for Fall Winemaking are subject to a $200 cancelation fee for administrative charges. After grapes are ordered to make your wine, no refunds are available.

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