Winemaking Gift Certificate 2023


Give the Ultimate Wine-Lovers gift…the Gift of a Winemaking Experience! 

Buy the Ultimate Wine Lovers Gift and you will receive a certificate that will entitle the holder to a full session of winemaking at Grape Expectations School of WInemaking in 2022. There are 2 seasons that the certificate holder may redeem to enroll in their winemaking experience: Fall 2023. The holder will come to the winery 4 times over 9 months to participate in the making of a barrel of red wine. They will:

  1. Learn how wine is made
  2. Participate in 4 hands-on sessions
  3. Produce 240 bottles of wine from their barrel of which 12 (1 case) will be theirs to keep

When do the sessions start?

Fall Season

From late September to October, grapes from California wine country will arrive at the Wine School. If the certificate holder chooses the Fall Season, several California Barrels will be available to enroll in for winemaking fun. The first 2 winemaking sessions, the Crush & the Press, will happen precisely 1 week apart. The next session, Racking, will take place in February of 2023. The final session, Bottling the Wine, will complete the experience in May of 2023. (Exact dates are subject to change due to unpredictable grape harvest schedules)

Guidance & Mentoring

The certificate holder will receive detailed information on how to redeem the certificate, invitations to winemaking open houses where they may meet winemaking experts, get a preview course on what to expect when winemaking, and taste wines made at the wine school to help them decide on when they would like to make wine & what kind of wines they prefer.


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Give the gift of Winemaking for the Fall Season at Grape Expectations School of Winemaking.

The holder of this certificate will be entitled to choose any Social Barrel Winemaking experience in our 2023 Fall Winemaking Season.

The timeline for the 2023 California winemaking processes will occur as such (exact dates/times to be determined).

  • Crushing – September/October 2023
  • Pressing – September/October 2023
  • Racking (removal of sediment) – February 2024
  • Bottling – May/June 2024


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