Wine Making Seasons

There are two winemaking seasons at Grape Expectations: Fall (California) and Spring (Chilean). The dates for both are determined by weather patterns in each of the growing areas: California’s North Coast region and the Curico’ Valley in Chile, South America. Usually, production for the California harvest begins in late September or early October, while the production of Chilean harvest is normally in mid to late May. We keep our client winemakers abreast of the schedules as we derive information from our growers in their respective regions.

Our requirements for our fruit are strict as we must have hand-picked premium grapes, packed in 36 pound crates in the vineyard, immediately chilled, and prepared for shipment to our refrigerated storage facilities in Las Vegas. Many growers want to sell us their fruit, but few can meet our requirements. Those that can are from the California North Coast AVA (American Viticulture Area), and the Curico’ Valley wine region in Chile, located southwest of Santiago close to the coast. Both of these areas provide premium fruit and are considered among the world’s best growing areas.

We will accept orders and deposits all year round but the deadline for the California harvest will be the end of August, while the Chilean harvest deadline will be the end of March. We will communicate with the barrel leaders and everyone in our data base via e-mail, as well as on our Web Site and Facebook page, with information pertaining to the order and deposit deadlines.