Your final session will take place approximately four months after racking with the aged wine ready for bottling. With the aid of a gravity filler, you will fill 240 bottles to the appropriate level, cork the bottles with a manual corking press, shrink wrap a decorative capsule on the neck and, if you have labels, affix them utilizing our label template station. You will learn the appropriate storage temperature and bottle orientation and other pertinent facts affecting your wine once it leaves the winery. At this point, your wine is still young and requires additional bottle aging before it is ready to enjoy. As we are producing “table wine”, as opposed to “reserve” wine, depending upon your varietal or blend, your wine should reach its maturity phase 6 to 12 months after bottling, and should be consumed within three years. We recommend you open a bottle periodically, however, to see how it is maturing and changing during bottle aging.


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