Although he passed away suddenly in 2012, the memory of Charlie Peters’ leadership, and “can do” attitude, prevails within the Grape Expectations winery today.

Charlie was a registered sommelier with close ties to the community.

He resided in the Las Vegas Valley for over 33 years and received numerous local and national awards for his professional and innovative contributions to the food and beverage industry.

He was a professional member of the American Wine Society, The International Bacchus Society, and the Society of Wine Educators.

The protocols he established at Grape Expectations, derived from his two decade study of the inner workings of the wine making industry, continue to affect winery operations today.

He studied Enology and Viticulture at the University of California-Davis and at vineyards and wineries in California’s North Coast area.

Because of his deep interest in the wine industry, and his inquisitive, yet friendly demeanor, he was able to cultivate relations with many of America’s finest winemakers.

His willingness to share his knowledge with veteran and neophyte winemakers, and his engaging personality, endured him to everyone with whom he came in contact.

Charlie remains omnipresent in the Grape Expectations winery.